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From Trademark Searches to Copyright Filings, SecureMark Legal helps you protect your
business and your most important assets – your brand, your reputation and your ideas.


Whether you’re just getting started or have an established business, trademark registration helps protect your brand name, logo and reputation.


Original works and creations, from books or music you’ve written to blog posts or podcasts for your business, may qualify for copyright protection to stop others from infringing on your hard work.

Starting a Business

From articles of incorporation to setting up the proper bank accounts to privacy statements and website domain protection, SecureMark Legal is here to help you navigate.

What Kind of Intellectual Property Protection Do You Need?

Determine where your business is most at-risk, and find out what you need to protect it.


Discover How to Create a Brand Presence That Can Catapult Your Business & Protect It

Creating a unique name and logo for your brand can be the driving force behind your business’s success – and in turn provide your business with a valuable, legally protected asset. Download our essential 9-page guide today for step-by-step recommendations to help you stand out with distinction!

Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights, Oh My!

What happens when you have an idea for your business? How do you protect that new business idea from others? Discover the differences among all the different types of intellectual property protections, & how to determine what you need for your project, business or brand.

What Our Clients Have To Say

The SecureMark team has helped me with multiple projects and currently representing me on another trademark. Can’t say enough their knowledge, expertise and professionalism is unmatched. Thankful for all their help. Highly recommend for any IP legal help.”

Angel A., Business Owner

Why You Need A Trademark

A registered trademark protects your intellectual property – your name, your reputation, goodwill and ideas – by providing a legal recourse against those that infringe or use your hard work without your permission. If you think you are too small for trademark protection, you are wrong.  If you don’t work to protect your brand, a bigger fish may come by and try to swallow you or simply push you out of the market.  A trademark may help you avoid this by providing legal protection against someone else using your ideas for their own gain.

How A Copyright Can Help You

Copyright is the legal term used to describe the rights that creators have over their literary or artistic works. The copyright owner has the right to control how their material is used.

Your works are valuable business assets, now and in the future (licenses, sales, and brand recognition, to name a few). SecureMark Legal helps businesses register, protect and profit from their creative expressions using copyright laws.

Your work is worth protecting!

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    In a world where content is king, understanding how to protect your creative works is not just important—it’s essential for preserving the value and integrity of your craft. Creators like you, who inject passion into every word, sketch, and note, should feel secure knowing there are mechanisms safeguarding your rights and fostering the […]

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Why You Should Work with SecureMark Legal for all your Trademark and Copyright Needs

Intellectual Property attorneys are the backbone of the business world. In a highly technological and social media-heavy world, many issues arise regarding intellectual property and what belongs to whom.

Do you have a new idea, product or name that you want to protect? Or have you found your business in an intellectual property dispute, or received a cease and desist letter? An intellectual property lawyer will help you navigate the road ahead.

As a women-owned intellectual property law firm, we want to provide you with brand protection and allow you to do what you do best – focus on running your business. We strive to make the process of protecting your assets as easy as possible and become a partner in your future success. You can count on SecureMark Legal for:

Professional due diligence:

  • You will always receive thorough and comprehensive service and advice.
  • Unbiased assessment of the quantity and quality of your assets or what is licensed under your business name.
  • We will work to protect your whole brand and ideas.

Step-by-step guidance through the registration process:

  • We will ensure that your design, idea, technology, or artwork is registered and protected through its respective copyright or trademark offices or departments.
  • Flexible schedules allow us to work on your schedule.
  • You will work directly with one of our attorneys

Expertise in protecting your intellectual property:

  • We have the ability and knowledge to fully protect your legal rights and stop others from infringing and stealing your hard work.
  • Our proactive approach will work to keep others from tarnishing your reputation.

Nationwide practice

  • Although we are proudly based in Naples, Florida, we are a nationwide practice. Intellectual property law is a federal practice and we are licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Library of Congress based in Washington, D.C.
  • Whether you are based in Florida or any other US state, SecureMark Legal can and will fight for your rights.

Trust SecureMark Legal to be your in-house brand protection legal team for your business – all in one place. 

Our passion is protecting your passion. We look forward to helping your business thrive. Contact Us TODAY!

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