Copyright Law

What is a Copyright?

COPYRIGHT is the legal term used to describe the rights that creators have over their literary or artistic works. The copyright owner has the right to control how their material is used.

Your works are valuable business assets, now and in the future (licenses, sales, and brand recognition, to name a few). SecureMark Legal helps businesses register, protect and profit from their creative expressions using copyright laws.

Copyright Protects:

Original works of authorship that are covered by copyright range widely from items like artist works, books, music, paintings, sculptures, and film, all the way to computer code, databases, advertisements, maps, and architectural drawings to name a few. If you create something you love, you may be able to protect your creation if you copyright it.

Why Copyright Registration Matters?

In today’s online copy-and-paste world, it is important to register your original works of authorship early to put the world on notice and to protect your rights. Copyright protection begins at the moment your creative expression is fixed in a tangible form. Copyright registration solidifies your rights to an original creative work that is in a tangible form; not just an idea for a book, but the actual written book. However, your rights may be limited until you have obtained registration from the Library of Congress.

Protect your creative expression. Registration gives the owner exclusive rights to control the use and distribution of their works and potentially pursue additional damages for infringement.