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SecureMark Legal is a boutique intellectual property firm helping you protect your business’s most important assets – your brand, your reputation and your ideas.


A registered trademark protects your intellectual property – your name, your reputation, goodwill and ideas – by providing a legal recourse against those that infringe or use your trademark without your permission.

Trademark protects:

A trademark, also known as service mark or design mark, is the registration of your unique name or logo. Trademarks can include the design, slogan, color, and even taste or smell used to identify your goods or services. After your trademark is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) you will be able to use ® (the circle R) to let the world know that your brand is registered and protected.


Trademark registration is not just for large corporations. Trademark protection helps all businesses – big or small, new or old – protect their brand and keep others from profiting from someone else’s hard work. It is never too early to begin to protect your brand, but it can be too late if you wait. 

SecureMark Legal conducts a comprehensive search of your name or brand, providing you with a detailed report and opinion letter on trademark registration and protection. This search includes federal and common law, domain and social media information, federal and state business registrations. Waiting until your business grows could be a costly mistake. If you are too late in registering your brand may not be entitled to trademark registration or worse it may infringe upon someone else’s already registered mark, forcing you to entirely re-brand. Building a brand can be costly and having to rebrand can set you back valuable time.

Copyright protects:

Original works of authorship that are covered by copyright range widely from items like artist works, books, music, paintings, sculptures, and film, all the way to computer code, databases, advertisements, maps, and architectural drawings to name a few. If you create something you love, you may be able to protect your creation if you copyright it.


In today’s online copy-and-paste world, it is important to register your original works of authorship early to put the world on notice and to protect your rights. Copyright protection begins at the moment your creative expression is fixed in a tangible form. Copyright registration solidifies your rights to an original creative work that is in a tangible form; not just an idea for a book, but the actual written book. However, your rights may be limited until you have obtained registration from the Library of Congress. 

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