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SecureMark Legal is a boutique intellectual property firm, helping you protect your brand, your reputation and secure your ideas. SecureMark Legal is an established national practice that offers small firm personalized attention, serving clients nationwide and internationally.

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What is trademark protection?

A registered trademark protects your intellectual property your name, reputation, goodwill and ideas, by providing a legal recourse against those that infringe or use your trademark without your permission. A trademark, also know as service mark or design mark, is the registration of your unique name or logo including the design, slogan, color, taste and smell used to identify your goods or service. After your trademark is registered with the Unites State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) you will be able to use ® (the circle R) to let the world know that your brand is registered and protected.

What is the trademark process?

SecureMark Legal will perform a comprehensive search of your mark with the USPTO for federal trademarks, state and common law search, domain name and social media before issuing a legal opinion letter, and report as to the strength and characteristics of your mark in comparison to other marks. After your mark has been cleared by our attorneys, SecureMark Legal will electronically file your application with the USPTO and continually monitor the process through registration.

The time from filing an application through to having a registered trademark can take 13 to 18 months. However your trademark protection begins the date your application is filed so long as your mark is granted federal trademark registration. Your trademark rights will be retroactive to the date of initial filing of your application.

Why does the registration process take so long?

Currently, it takes 5 to 7 months for a trademark examiner to be assigned to your mark and review your application. Once reviewed the examiner may issue an Office Action, in which you have up to 6 months to respond. Then you have a 3 month period of publication in the Official Gazette. Last but not least, the USTPO will issue an official registration about 2 months after publication. The timeline listed above is the typical process and as each mark that is registered is unique each individual review also unique. SecureMark Legal will be here with you throughout the whole process and our attention to your mark does not end at registration. SecureMark Legal provides watch and protective services, and will remind you to renew your registration every 5-10 years.

SecureMark Legal teaches you how to protect your mark from the beginning through and beyond registration, helping secure your intellectual property rights and protect your brand.


Free half hour Consultation with an experienced in-house Trademark Attorney

Comprehensive Search

$ 600

  • A comprehensive trademark search including the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), state and common law trademark search, domain name and social media check. The comprehensive search includes a review and opinion letter as to the strength of your mark prepared by an experienced trademark attorney.

Branding Brainstorm

$ 900

  • Branding Brainstorm with an experienced in-house trademark attorney includes a comprehensive search of your mark (see above), plus a personalized discussion of your mark’s strength, including ways to distinguish your mark, how to protect your brand and a secondary brand search if necessary.

Trademark Application

$ 750

  • (After a Comprehensive Search is completed) – Drafting and filing your trademark application, tracking and monitoring the application process and responding to non-substantive office actions. Non-substantive or simple response to an office action (letter from the trademark examiner), are included in our trademark application process. Examples of non-substantive responses are disclaiming generalized terms or changes to the description of the goods and/or services. $750 which includes the USPTO filing fee

Branding Tornado

$ 3,500

  • Includes a Comprehensive Search, a Branding Brainstorm, Trademark Application, and responding to substantive office actions, plus two years of trademark watch.

Trademark Watch Service

$ 150

  • SecureMark Legal will monitor your mark with the USPTO and advise with regular email reports.
SecureMark Legal is happy to discuss the filing of your trademark internationally with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office)
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