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Securing your intellectual property rights through registration is the best way to ensure the health of your business. No matter the size or age of your business, do not wait to protect your brand assets. Your unique brand name represents your ideas, reputation, and hard work. It is never too soon to protect your brand, but it can be too late when you find out that your name or brand is not entitled to trademark protection, or worse, that you’re infringing on another brand and have to spend the time and money to re-brand.


Comprehensive trademark search includes searching the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for similar or competing marks, state and common law trademark search, and domain name and social media check. The Comprehensive Search includes a review and opinion letter as to the strength of your mark prepared by an experienced trademark attorney.
(After a Comprehensive Search is completed) – Drafting and filing your trademark application, tracking and monitoring the application process and responding to non-substantive office actions. Non-substantive or simple response to an office action (letter from the trademark examiner), are included in our trademark application process. Examples of non-substantive responses are disclaiming generalized terms or changes to the description of the goods and/or services.
Branding Brainstorm with an experienced trademark attorney includes a Comprehensive Search of your mark (see above), plus a personalized discussion of your mark’s strength, including ways to distinguish your mark, how to protect your brand and a secondary brand search if necessary.
Monitoring your mark on the USPTO with regular email reports.
SecureMark Legal is able to help with Office Actions and correct previous trademark applications. Have an infringement or enforcement question?
Includes a Comprehensive Search, a Branding Brainstorm, Trademark Application, and responding to all office actions, plus two years of trademark watch.

½ hour Consultation with an experienced Intellectual Property Attorney


Protect your creative expression. Registration gives the owner exclusive rights to control the use and distribution of their works and potentially pursue additional damages for infringement.
SecureMark Legal is happy to discuss the filing of your trademark internationally with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office)