Steps to Creating a Unique Business Name & Logo

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Do you want your company to stand out in a crowd? It’s all in a name!

Creating a unique name for your brand can be the driving force behind your business’s success – and in turn provide your business with a valuable, legally protected asset.

Our 9-page guide to creating a unique name and logo is a must-have for every business owner – whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been operating for years. Think about this: It takes us nine months to choose names for our children, but we want to name our business in ten minutes.

Follow this indispensable plan to create your stand-out name and logo, and eliminate worries for the future.

Here's what you’ll learn:

  • The critical components in determining who you are and your professional voice: Get tips on defining your mission, your values, your brand personality, your brand position, and your brand voice.
  • How to make your name and logo stand out from the others. Is your name and logo protectable under trademark law?
  • How to create a logo that makes you and your brand unique and how it represents your brand.


Creating a unique brand isn’t just a chance to be clever, it’s a critical step in developing one of the most important assets your business will ever have. 

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"Melissa and Holly, just wanted to give thanks for providing me with your straight forward business naming guide. With so much on my mind, it really helped speed up the process of giving my new business a proper name."
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