Trademark Law

Did you know that without the protection of an approved trademark filed with USPTO office, your business could be exposed? It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing business. Without a trademark, someone can come along and claim your brand name, your slogan, or even your logo. It’s a scary thing to think about as a business owner. Everything you have worked to establish could be gone instantly if you don’t protect it. Filing trademarks for your most critical brand assets –your business name, product names, logos, slogans and similar intellectual property assets –gives you the confidence you need to plan, grow and thrive. 

The trademark attorneys at SecureMark Legal can help you protect what you have worked so hard to build. From the initial trademark search to filing trademark applications and beyond – we will do everything necessary to secure the protection that your business and brand deserve. Whether you are a new business or have been in business for twenty years, don’t wait until it’s too late to consider trademarking your business. 

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What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies your goods and services and distinguishes your brand from your competitors. The term trademark is used for assets related to goods, and the term service mark is used for assets related to services.

A registered trademark protects your intellectual property – your name, reputation, goodwill, and ideas. It provides a legal resource against those that infringe on or use your brand without your permission.

A trademark attorney helps individuals and businesses ensure the protection of their brand assets and other intellectual property. When you need to file a trademark, trust SecureMark Legal to help you navigate the process and provide the due diligence and research needed.

What Does Trademark Protect?

A trademark, also known as a service mark or design mark, is the registration of your unique brand name or logo. Trademarks can include the design, slogan, color, and even taste or smell used to identify your goods or services. 

Here are examples of trademarks:

  • Product names and nicknames: Coca-Cola® and Coke®
  • Logos
  • Sounds: NBC Chimes or the Harley Davidson motor
  • Business Names: Lululemon® or GoDaddy®
  • Slogans: Nike’s “Just Do It®”
  • Color Combinations or Schemes: the brown of the UPS trucks
  • Smells: (yes, even smells) Hasbro received a trademark on the Play-Doh scent in 2018


After our trademark attorneys get you registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), you will be able to use the ® (circle R) to let the world know that your brand is registered.

In the world of trademark protection, it’s critical to be thorough and organized in your efforts.

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Why Does a Comprehensive Search & Registration Matter?

Trademark registration is not just for large corporations. Trademark protection helps ALL businesses – big or small, new or old – protect their brand and keep others from profiting from someone else’s hard work. It is never too early to begin to protect your brand, but it can be too late if you wait!

SecureMark Legal’s trademark attorneys will conduct a comprehensive search of your name or brand, providing you with a detailed report and opinion letter on trademark registration and protection. This search includes federal and common law, domain and social media information, and federal and state business registrations. Waiting until your business grows could be a costly mistake. You may not be entitled to trademark registration if you are too late in registering your brand. Or worse – it may infringe upon someone else’s already registered trademark – forcing you to completely re-brand.

Building a brand can be costly. Having to rebrand can set you back in valuable time.

Let SecureMark Legal help you protect your business and brand today!

Your Rights as a Trademark Owner

While simply using your name, logo, or slogan does give you some level of trademark protection; it is important to consult with our knowledgeable trademark attorneys to ensure the protection of your property.

“Common law” trademarks are those used but not registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). They are difficult to enforce and only apply to your immediate locality. You can add a small bit of trademark protection by registering with your state’s trademark office. However, this does not protect you from infringement in a different state, and still leaves you exposed if another business or individual thinks they should have full rights to your trademark.

The most far-reaching and substantial protection comes from registering your trademark with the USPTO. This registration includes the following:

  • Notice to the public about the trademark
  • Exclusive rights to use the trademark nationwide to distribute goods and services
  • The ability to bring legal action in federal court for infringement
  • The ability to obtain a trademark in a foreign country
  • The ability to file with U.S. Customs to prevent fake goods from coming into the country

How Can SecureMark Legal Help You?

Working with SecureMark Legal and our expert trademark attorneys to protect your brand can save you valuable time and money. We can help you determine what intellectual property protection you need. Our team of attorneys will help you navigate the process of applying for your trademark and securing your brand protection. We will fight for your rights to your property at every step.

Benefits of Hiring a Trademark Lawyer

Working with our trademark attorneys may save you time and money in the grand scheme of things. We are equipped to advise you on your trademark’s registrability, prepare your application and respond to the USPTO on any issues that arise. Other benefits of hiring SecureMark Legal are:

  • We provide crucial legal advice about the ability to protect and defend your trademark.
  • We can conduct a thorough trademark search before filing an application.
  • We will prepare your application correctly – mistakes and omissions are common reasons trademark filings are not approved.
  • We can respond to all legal correspondence from the USPTO in a timely manner with thorough and appropriate information.
  • We can help you enforce and maintain your trademark rights with official documentation when needed.
  • Should the need arise, we can represent you in front of the USPTO’s Trademark Trial & Appeal Board.
  • And we can shield you from fraudulent solicitation for goods and service that do nothing to protect you.


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